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The version of the song "Weird" in it's music video was only released on 1 remix promo CD in the US.


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Part 2 of 4 in my flower #painting. The butterfly turned out cool.
Flower #painting I made tonight. Based off something I found on #Pinterest. Not perfect but I am happy with it!
#Hanson CDs for sale. Some international versions, some promos, some singles. Prices below. Looking for certain Hanson CDs? Let me know what, I have hundreds more not shown! #hansonmerchandise
Cool #Hanson This Time Around promotional VHS. #hansonmerchandise
Very neat and very rare #Hanson 3 Car Garage promo my friend has. Pretty cool piece of #hansonmerchandise
Decided to begin photo cataloging my #Hanson #hansonmerchandise to post online. This is a rare promotional single of Live From Alertane on cassette.
New #Hansin Merch for their new ep "Inside The Box"
It's a #Hanson #hansonmerchandise day! Going through stuff and sorting it! Pre-birthday fun (for me!)
#Hanson Underneath Acoustic Live promo dvd intro screen. Different from the original. The way this reads is "Hanson Live Underneath Acoustic" in my opinion. It's neat how it changed for the commercial release! #hansonmerchandise
Awesome #Hanson Underneath Acoustic Live promo DVD! #hansonmerchandise
I love my #Totinos #Klout #Kloutperk!! Thanks @totinos @klout @kloutperks
Just got the #Hanson "Weird" vinyl! I've been looking for ages for this! #hansonmerchandise
Home to a beautiful #bird nest! I love #spring
I remember driving to #Tulsa to be in #Hanson's music video. Such an awesome time! Anyone remember what date it was?
New with tags size large #Hanson 1997 official shirt and a 3CG cd. $37.99 plus shipping (varies by location) #hansonmerchandise lots more for sale. Email HansonGuy [at]
Random lot of 25 #Hanson magazine page posters from 97-98. Some have tape markings on edges, some don't. $12.50 plus get a bonus 5! #hansonmerchandise
#Hanson just announced the 2nd annual #TheHopJam in #Tulsa! Sunday May 17. Are you attending?
Gotta sell some of my #Hanson stuff! New Hansonopoly still sealed $100 Anthem sealed cd $9 Underneath promo cd $20 Anthem documentary dvd sealed $25 Sing It If You Know It new book $60 Condor Sessions journal and sealed cd $125. I also have tons of other #hansonmerchandise for sale so email me hansonguy[@] and let me know what you're looking for
White #Hanson headphones for sale. Excellent condition. Only came in Anthem platinum package. $200 plus shipping. Ships worldwide.

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