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Hanson completed the lyrics for the song "The Sound of Light" only hours before it was first performed for fans during Hanson Day 2013!

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#Hanson prep for Christmas special>>
#HappyHalloween #Hanson fans! Check out a video of the guys performing Thriller a few years back at Have a fun, safe night!
#Hanson #tbt 2004. This reminds me of the Sabrina appearance for some reason lol
Is it already Thursday? #tbt #Hanson 2004 - The Underneath era!
Some of my #Hanson shirts. #hansonmerchandise
I love how most #Hanson CDs have the symbol! #hansonmerchandise
#Hanson's new song "Monster Jam" is now up on!
Random #Hanson CDs. I need to sell this #hansonmerchandise. MmmBop $300 Boomerang $300 Underneath Acoustic Live $20, Take The Walk $20, The Walk Acoustic Live (DVD) $20, Tays Music Exchange DVD $35, and I also have Anthem De Constructed DVD for $20. Email me at if interested. Would possibly trade/negotiate!
My #Hanson journals. Love them! #hansonmerchandise
Awesome! Got the #Hanson Back To The Island #hansonmerchandise through a trade with a friend!
My #Hanson "I Will Come To You" cd collection. #hansonmerchandise
#Hanson I Will Come To You US promo cd. I absolutely love the 97/98 stickered promos! #hansonmerchandise
I took the walk with #Hanson! Have you? #hansonmerchandise #takethewalk
My #Hanson white #Anthem headphones. #hansonmerchandise
My #Hanson 8x10 promo photo collection. Some are from press releases and some from #HansonDay! #hansonmerchandise
My #Hanson calendars. I'm missing a few! If you have one I'm missing and you're selling your #hansonmerchandise let me know :)
My #Hanson books. I'm missing the 113 Painting book :( I'll have Icon as soon as it ships! #hansonmerchandise anyone have a 113 book they're selling?
I'm going through my #Hanson swag. Sorry it's hard to see, I have everything in plastic. Lots of key chains, buttons, Banditos Handkerchief, anthem coasters, matches, rare guitar strap they sold at Hanson day 2014, and other stuff. #hansonmerchandise day!
Check out my interview with Ashley Greyson, the guy behind #Hanson's Tulsa, Tokyo, and the Middle of Nowhere documentary (among many many more projects) at!
I had the chance to talk with Ashley Greyson who created #Hanson's "Tulsa, Tokyo & The Middle of Nowhere", "Strong Enough To Break", "5 of 5", and "Go" videos (among MANY more)! Go inside the making of the film at with my exclusive interview!



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