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Aside from the Back to the Island Event, "Fired Up" was the first song other than "Get The Girl Back" to be played for fans live. It was performed during the members live stream that was made public in April 2013.


Hanson Guy

#Hanson Where's The Love shirt size small. $40. Great condition. Will ship international, prices vary by location. #hansonmerchandise
#Hanson #hansonmerchandise for sale! I need to clear some room!! From top left to bottom right: MmmBop $250, Boomerang $250, The Walk Acoustic Live DVD $30, 2.2 member kit cd $35, 2.3 member kit cd new sealed $20 2008 member kit cd &34, 2009 member kit cd new sealed $20, 2010 member kit cd $20, facing the blank page member kit cd $20, music made for humans member kit cd new $40, 2.1 member kit DVD $80, 1997 TV guide $7, Zac Isaac and Taylor mini books $3 each, Hanson patch $10, Hanson 1997 sticker brand new sealed $6.
This is the #Hanson poster that came with the Anthem gold and platinum packages. I have 2 available- $35. It is a whopping 39 inches long and 12 inches high. #hansonmerchandise brand new but has very light creasing around where they rubber banded it for shipment.
I've sure got a lot of #Hanson journals for not being a journal writer ;P #hansonmerchandise
Taylor #Hanson laying down vocals for a new song on the 2015 members ep. My guess is it's called "Work Harder"
#Hanson streaming the recording of a new Zac lead song now on!
#zachanson #hanson
#hanson recording a song for their new ep right now on!
I love this #Hanson photo! Playing games and relaxing today and enjoying my #hansonmerchandise art!
#Hanson purple tumbler #hansonmerchandise
Happy Valentines Day #Hanson fans! #hansonmerchandise 2015 Vday mug
#Hanson autographed white Toms shoes. The souls are warped up and has signs of wear but would look awesome displayed! $49.99 #hansonmerchandise
#Hanson brand new platinum Anthem package items for sale. Sing It If You Know It book $50, Deconstructed DVD $25, black new headphones $160, Anthem documentary $25, record $20, all 3 charms only $90 together, condor sessions cd and journal $120 #hansonmerchandise email me at
Awesome, just got an #isaachanson painting! #Hanson #hansonmerchandise
Just listened to selections from #Hanson's The Walk CD. Love it. #hansonmerchandise
The I Heart #Hanson shirt from the Valentines Day 2015 collection. #hansonmerchandise
#Hanson stuff for sale. IWCTY single record $15, MmmBop single record $25, brand new #Fanson For Life journal $40, At The Filmore DVD $30, brand new Hanson 1997 stickers $6 each. #hansonmerchandise
Got my new #Hanson #hansonmerchandise. They completely screwed up my order. This is probably my fifth order in a row they have messed up. I love the band, but their shipping department sucks!!!!
Taylor #Hanson. Musical genius? I think so! #taylorhanson

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