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Tulsa, Tokyo & The Middle of Nowhere took 79 days to edit


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Check out my interview with Ashley Greyson, the guy behind #Hanson's Tulsa, Tokyo, and the Middle of Nowhere documentary (among many many more projects) at!
I had the chance to talk with Ashley Greyson who created #Hanson's "Tulsa, Tokyo & The Middle of Nowhere", "Strong Enough To Break", "5 of 5", and "Go" videos (among MANY more)! Go inside the making of the film at with my exclusive interview!
Check out my exclusive interview with Ashley Greyson where he discusses his work with #Hanson at!
#McDonalds I need a #CocaCola!
Happy Birthday to Zac #Hanson! He is *29*!! Feeling old yet? #zachanson
I love the new #Hanson "Pictures" book cover! #hansonmerchandise
I wish #Hanson made a poster of this! #MusicMadeForHumans sticker #hansonmerchandise
#Fanson for life! #hanson #hansonmerchandise
Yay! Got my new #Hanson #hansonmerchandise today!
New #Hanson newsletter! They talk about ICON and tell the winners of their voicemail contest!
I had the chance to talk with Ashley Greyson recently about #Hanson. I'll be sharing my interview on next week! #Hanson
I love these leaves! And the purple flowers!
Going through my #hansonmerchandise to sell some stuff. #hanson "Shout It Out" special edition 12" vinyl $75 "IWCTY" photo cover vinyl $15, "IWCTY" red sticker vinyl $22, "MmmBop" promo vinyl $25, MmmBop sticker vinyl $25, "IWCTY" promo vinyl $25, If Only vinyl $30, 5 of 5 (6) DVD set $65, MON acoustic DVD+cd $20 Underneath Acoustic Live DVD $20 At The Fillmore DVD $25, black anthem headphones $175, Anthem charms $90, 97/98? Hanson flag $15
#tbt #hanson at the Fillmore #throwbackthursday
#autumn feet
#Hanson ICON song lyrics available on
I wish it would stay like this forever!
The tree in front of my house is so pretty now! #fall
Taylor #Hanson. #taylorhanson anyone know where this photo is from?



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