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Zac Hanson’s attempt to go viral…on drugs?

Hanson are apparently experimenting with creative ways to advertise and better promote themselves.  Whether it’s their vines or just tweeting a lot, they are really going full blast with the social media!  Check out the fan video below of Hanson at Mix 94.7 the other day and… Zac acting rather strange.  A rather odd but creative way to try and go viral.  Hmm…I wonder if he will be embarrassed when he sees the video….

Anyway…do you think this is a video that would go viral? Or do you think he just looks crazy?  Comment below!

They also perform Cut Right Through Me so that’s cool!

[Source: YouTube:Jenlo]

4 Comments on Zac Hanson’s attempt to go viral…on drugs?

  1. Haha! That reminds me of 97′ crazy Zac.

  2. Haha he’s obviously doing this to get a reaction. It’s funny when people think everything to say and do is true. He’s just having fun. A friend of mine used to tour with Hanson as Isaac’s tech and I know for a fact Zac doesn’t even drink. So.. Everyone take a chill pill. Zac is just naturally crazy.

  3. Ike said he had a Red Bull before the show, I’m pretty sure that’s all the explanation any of us need. Zac + Red Bull = well ^that^. I loved seeing it though, I always love his wacky moments!!

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